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Drug and Alcohol dependency is one of the major problems facing our society today, particularly among our children. The Schooldaz Crusade, which features concerts at schools throughout the United States hopes to appeal to the school age audience. Sammy Hall will inspire a rapport with all who hear him and emphasize the dangers of substance abuse.

The results of our concert tours have been extremely gratifying. When Sammy gives his presentation he has the full attention of the audience, over the years, Sammy Hall has proven to be an outstanding performer, especially with the young disclosing to them his story and his personal battle with drugs and drinking.

Every year drug addiction and alcoholism are responsible for the terrible waste of thousands of lives and senseless violence. There is no single answer or cure-all for the overwhelming problem our country is facing. Through programs like Schooldaz much has been accomplished to combat this destructive epidemic.

Years ago President Reagan declared an all-out war on the drug abuse problem in America. Sammy has been a part of that effort for a number of years. He has performed at the White House by invitation, and was recognized by First Lady Nancy Reagan for his contributions in combating drug abuse.

A Schooldaz program will not only prove to be beneficial, reiterating the war against substance abuse, but an entertaining experience as well.

Our children are our most precious resource - let's work together for their benefit.

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