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Sammy Hall (Then & Now!)

Band Members
Sammy Hall

1 - If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand (Impact) 1974
2 - If You Cant Believe In Love (Impact) 1975
3 - Sammy Hall Live (Double LP) (Impact) 1976
4 - A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Hell (Newpax) 1976
5 - Don't Let Anyone Steal Your Dreams (Newpax) 1977
6- I've Never Been To Heaven (Neoteric) 1978
7- Sammy Hall Live (Single LP) (Sammy Hall) 1981
8 - Reminiscence (Tudor) 1982
9 - Crazy Over You (WC7)
10 - Dream Sessions (WC7)
11 - Everybody Has A Dream (WC7)
12 - How Great Thou Art
13 - Get Together

1 - My Best To You
2 - Rewriting The Story (2004)



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